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The Irving Police Association is a unique organization that differs from many other police associations or unions in that we allow any police department employee to join, but we only allow city of Irving employees to join.  Not only does the IPA look out for the welfare of the sworn personnel, but we look out for the welfare of our civilian personnel as well.  This includes Detention Officers, Dispatch Operators, records and property personnel.  We understand that it takes a whole family of people to run a police department.  

The IPA is unique in that it is an all-volunteer organization.  Many other organizations pay their board members, or a portion of their board members, and this is not the case with the IPA.  Every representative, board member, and regular member works for the Irving Police Department or city of Irving and is a full-time employee; this again is not the case in many other organizations.    

The IPA prides itself on our ability to work with the Chief’s office, the city manager, mayor and the city council.  We do not use a heavy-handed approach, but rather an approach of mutual respect to the person, or office, we are dealing with.

Based on this approach, the Irving Police Association has been able to accomplish many tasks, not only for its members, but the entire city as a whole.

  • For the past five years, the IPA has been instrumental in saving the step increases for all city employees.  The IPA believes that to stop these increases would deter the hiring of qualified personnel.  It would be detrimental to new hires who were counting on the step increase as was stated when they were hired. 
  • Members of the IPA negotiated sick leave buy back for sworn personnel.
  • The IPA participated in the negotiations of the Ray Pay Plan. 
  • Recently, IPA members sat in on negotiations with the city manager and were able to convince him to keep both sworn and civilian pay within the 65th% and move the pay back to the correct dates.

The IPA also prides itself on giving back. 

The Irving Police Association has donated thousands of dollars back to its members over the years.  Donations may have come about due to a catastrophic event, such as a house fire, major illness or death.

  • The IPA now offers a $2,500 in line of duty death benefit for each of its members plus the $10,000 line of duty death offered by TMPA. 

Irving Police Association Benefit 501(c)3, also contributes to other charities that are close to the hearts of our members and has donated more than $280,000 to local charities.

  • Twice a year, the IPA gives a scholarship to a child of an IPA member in the amount of $500 each.
  • The IPAB has donated more than $225,000 to the Make-A-Wish of North Texas.
  • The IPAB has also donated more than $25,000 to the Irving Police Athletic League
  • The IPAB has donated to C.O.P.S., Special Olympics, Irving Blue Christmas and many others.


IPA Hall

The IPA has a 4750 sq foot building that we call home, and all members are welcome to meet there, play pool, play cards, or simply hang out.  It is equipped with a full kitchen and a large open bay for gatherings.  We host two BBQ's a year, one in the spring and one in the fall.  The IPA hosts an annual Christmas party at which the entire family is welcome.  The building is also available to members for family birthday parties, baby showers etc… There is a park located next door, so kids can play outside during events.


Whether you are a member of the IPA or not, the IPA provides each sworn personnel with a framed photo of them that is placed on the wall of the PD at retirement.  We do this as a thank you for their years of dedicated service to the Irving Police Department and the citizens of Irving.

The Irving Police Association is not only an association that works for member’s benefits and employee issues, we consider ourselves to be a family.

Legal Assistance

The IPA has teamed up with TMPA for our legal assistance. The IPA keeps a close relationship with TMPA executive staff, and one of our members is the TMPA Region Director for our area.   This assistance is available to members, whether civilian or sworn. 

Please remember that the IPA and TMPA are not national organizations, but are local and understand the local and state issues that may come up.

You may join the IPA or TMPA each individually, or you may become a member of both.  IPA dues are $17 a month. TMPA dues are $32 a month.  If you join both, your dues will be $49 a month.  Dues are tax deductible.

For details on TMPA benefits you may click on the TMPA tab at the top or go to TMPA’s website by clicking here TMPA.

If you are an employee of the Irving Police Department and wish to become a member or just wish to have more information please click here contact us.


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