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Thank you's that the IPA has received

This page is dedicated to the Thank You's that the IPA has received

You don't hear it enough, but thank you for all of your hard work on our behalf!! You truly make a difference in the lives of hundreds of people and our families.


The Irving Police Association sent Communications personnel a big “THANK YOU” in the way of dishes for your breakroom!

The IPA heard that Communications had bits and pieces of dishes so they bought you all four sets!!!!   Thanks for spending your time on us !

They really do appreciate what you all do…. So when you work a late night shift, a weekend or a holiday you are remembered….these officers “get” what you do and thank you for it!

In March 2012, this family had a traumatic experience when their father was murdered in Irving. While the family has been attended counseling at the FAC counselor Susana Espinosa found that the oldest child (I believe he was 10 or 12 years old) was trying to make a wish come true, that his father had promised his sister they would visit Six Flags for her birthday. When I checked into this request I found that the FAC guidelines did not allow them to purchase items like this. I approached the IPA board and with no hesitation this request was approved. While checking into tickets and Six Flags specials being offered for just a little extra I was able to upgrade their tickets to season passes, which were delivered just a few days before Christmas. I personally wanted to say thank you to the IPA board. Please see the e-mail below from the family and counselor.


My name is Susana Espinosa, for those of whom I haven’t had the pleasure of meeting in person. I work at the Irving Family Advocacy Center in the Play Therapy Department. I just wanted to thank everyone involved in helping to obtain six flags season passes for this family who experienced a very traumatic year. I have attached a photograph of the children involved and a letter from the eldest child (the letter is in Spanish so I have translated it below). I spoke with their mother today and she mentioned the kids had a great Christmas and were so focused on their gifts that they were able to enjoy their holiday despite their father’s absence.

I just want to thank everyone who gave us the six flags passes. My brother Brayan, my sister Lesly and I really appreciate it. It is something we have always wanted. We were very surprised. For the first time we’re going to go to Six Flags! Really thank you so much.


Karen, Brayan, & Lesly

Thank you once again. You have helped make this a memorable Christmas for this family!

This was very generous of the Police Association and demonstrates what I already know about the men and women in blue…..that they are a caring and giving people with a high interest in community involvement and stepping up when the need is there for the citizens they serve.

Thank you!

Tommy Gonzalez


I got the card at home from IPA for condolences about my grandmother's death.  I really appreciate it.  Thanks again and the family is doing well.
Taylor 954


I just wanted to let you know the TMPA 'team' had a great time at The IPA's 1st Hold Em Poker Tournament to benefit the special Olympics. I am glad to have been there in support of this very deserving team of athletes. Thank you for the opportunity and thank you for the IPA's hospitality. Please let all you people know we appreciate their hard work.

 Thomas Brown

Texas Municipal Police Association

Director - Region 6

The BBQ was delicious! Thanks so much to all those who cooked and cleaned up! I enjoyed the opportunity to visit and share in the festivities! J

 Lasch #1078



Stephen Johnson, the son of Officer Ken Johnson wrote the IPA to thank everyone for choosing him as recipient of the scholarship.

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